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Centro Energy MWT Solar Panels Hit 20% Efficiency

Centro Energy MWT Solar panels hit 20% efficiency

Centro Energy is excited to announce the release of its newest high efficient solar panel – MWT series panel. The MWT monocrystalline and multicrystalline panels have an average module efficiency of 20% and 18.7% respectively, reaching mono 325W and poly 310W with 60 cells.

The MWT (Metal Wrap Through) technology, applied to solar cells, using lasering in the wafer to achieve that the original electrodes lead to the same side. So that the cell’s positive and negative electrodes are located on the back of battery.

MWT solar panels VS Conventional panels

Compared to conventional solar panels, Centro Energy MWT solar panels minimizes shading loss at the front surface, and increase cell’s conversion efficiency by reducing the busbar shading area. Traditional high-temperature welding process is abandoned, which effectively avoid the welding stress and the micro-crack. Unique pattern layout could be customized to suit customer’s preferences. In the case of rooftop solar installation, the idea of “more” is at the forefront: save or earn more money, produce more electricity, do more good for environment. Where there is a limited amount of space available, using Centro Energy MWT solar panels could help.