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Centro Energy With Bright Start And Perfect Ending In 2017 Indian REI

Centro Energy With Bright Start and Perfect Ending in 2017 Indian REI

The yearly Indian Renewable Energy exhibition took place in New Delhi International Exhibition Center on 20th-22nd Sept. Centro Energy, as a clean energy enterprise with deep integration of industry chain, presents poly cells with 156.75*156.75mm size and poly modules CE-270P60 and CE-320P72 which attract much attention from the visitors.

Those years energy demand from India has a dramatic growth, now third only to China and Japan. Due to much shortage in storage and producing capacity in domestic market, Indian government actively explores the development and application of renewable energy. Centro Energy launched to penetrate into Indian market since 2012. With 6-year experience and technology accumulation, Centro Energy does excellence on design, R&D, manufacturing and distribution channels and has built some big PV projects in various Indian states.

During the exhibition, many local distributors, installation companies and investors visited Centro Energy’s booth and had exchanged ideas deeply. Ms Sabrina Shang, Indian market director, said “Even though Sino-India trade disputes have a growing trend this year, we firmly believe that highly cost effective products could hold the market. In future we will continuously devote ourselves to the improvement of technology, cost deduction and crisis transformation. ”